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Facial Waxing

Having hair in unwanted places on your body—legs, arms, armpits, and other areas—can be a real eyesore. For most people, especially women, allowing themselves to be seen in public with hair growing in any of these parts can be quite embarrassing. Thus, they resort to clever cover-ups with the use of the right clothing. But why hide behind clothes when you can have that hair removed via waxing?

At Mountain Serenity Salon in Conifer, CO, we give you foolproof facial waxing service guaranteed to take off every last strand of unwanted hair on your face. We use safe and effective methods proven to get rid of the problem without causing any damage to your skin. You will be left with only smooth, beautiful, unblemished skin.

Aside from facial waxing, our beauty salon offers men’s haircuts, updo hairstyles, hair highlights, color correction, and more. Want to know more about waxing and other top quality services we offer? Contact us today!